Gerrard is good, but he’s no great

Just hours before Steven Gerrard wins his 100th cap for England, many are of the opinion that the Liverpool midfielder is one of the finest of his generation. I mean, this is a man whose goal against Olympiakos proved to catalyst to their 2005 Champions League success.

On top of the that, his 30 yard effort against West Ham United dragged the enthralling encounter into extra time in a game which eventually saw Liverpool lift the FA Cup in 2006. Nevertheless, regardless of his heroic moments of brilliance, Gerrard is one player that will never be considered great in my opinion.

This isn’t at all influenced by Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s quotes for the midfielder to ‘join a big international club’, far from it in fact. But, when I think of great midfielders over the course of history, Gerrard is one play who doesn’t spring to mind.

Granted, he can have his moments of brilliance; the passionate captain rallying his teammates to one final push. But, it is the rarity of these moments that means he won’t ever full establish himself as one of the games great midfielders.

His inconsistency is what sets him back from the likes of Michel Platini, Johan Cruyff and Zinedine Zidane, while his attempts to grasp games by the scruff of the neck, but at times failing to do so, means that while Gerrard is a good player; he’ll never be remembered as one of the best. 

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  • GH

    You're an idiot. Some of the best footballers and managers of today have all hailed Gerrard and his achievements, but you think you know better from your armchair at home? The man already is a legend at one of the biggest clubs in world football, proven himself on the international stage both for club and country, for whom he is the captain for both, is at 600 games for Liverpool, 100 games for England.You need to learn more about the game buddy…

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    spot on. Liverpool fans need to wake up if you think he is in the same bracket of zidane.