Arsenal and Liverpool to battle for £10m Premier League star

Since Swansea were promoted to the Premier League two seasons ago, there has been one man repeatedly linked with a move to higher ground. Ashley Williams is the man I refer to, and it seems that Arsenal and Liverpool are the destinations that the Wales captain has to choose from.

The giant Swan has played in 34 league games this season, averaging a 52% duel success and an 86% pass accuracy. His leadership qualities, combined with his impressive facial hair, have made him highly sought after and this will be the summer that he leaves the Liberty Stadium, apparently.

In the red corner, weighing in at approximately 400 pounds, Brendan ‘the tika-taka’ Rodgers. Offering a team full of young, determined individuals who inject a certain hunger and enthusiasm into the older bodies at the club. He will allow you to pass, and pass, and pass, and probably pass again in order to beat the other side in terms of ball retention. Possession is more important than points up at Anfield at present.

And in the… other red corner, weighting in at 110 pounds and half a sour grape, Arsene ‘I didn’t see anything’ Wenger. Will allow you to do what you want while obsessively defending you to the press and take the stick for your poor performances. Incredible wages, an apparent slick style of play and a half-empty, lifeless stadium will all be available if a move to north London is William’s choice.