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Welcome to the Gunners’ town

This week on WTTGT, we’ve welcomed three new writers and they’ve took to the task with aplomb. Check out these pearls from some of the finest bloggers out there:

WTTGT Writer: Editor of To the Lane and Back, Ben McAteer put his fingers to keyboard and came up with a favourable article for the Gunner fans, from a Spurs’ point of view…

Distraught, saddened, angry. Just some of the feelings I felt when I found out Tottenham had totally capitulated and lost 5-1, at home, to Manchester City. Had I not been on holiday, I would have been at the game and fortunately, being away saved me from the ridicule that I, amongst all Spurs fans up and down the country, would have surely been on the end of the very next day… read more.

WTTGT Writer: Lewis Kyriacou’s top 5 players with a point to prove spun amass of thought provoking queries when I first read it. What will you make of the Gooner’s incisive words?

I’m not sure whether there’s been a more interesting time to be an Arsenal fan. The pressure on us to win a trophy has been brooding for six seasons. We’ve lost two of our best players in their prime to ‘bigger’ clubs, which hasn’t happened since Anelka, Overmars and Petit. Some 10 years following the 6-1 humiliation to the hands of Manchester United, our northern friends go one better by beating us 8-2 last weekend. Then, the most active deadline day Arsenal fans have had in years… read more.

WTTGT Writer: Unquestionably one of the finest writers on board the WTTGT train, Antonia Hawken, AKA, The Gooner Girlfriend put her creative mind to the second instalment of her hilarious feature. This time, she explains how Cesc Fabregas’ exit from Arsenal is basically, exactly the same as a broken love affair.

The Gooner Girlfriend has taken her allocation of annual leave from WTTGT, and spent it gallivanting around the Med. Lucklily for us, she returns with her take on the Cesc deal, and how basically, it’s exaclty the same as a marital breakdown… read more.

Make sure you check out the three of these pieces – a must for any hardy Gooner out there… and don’t forget, if you want to write for WTTGT, you can, just contact us and we’ll get you hooked up with the ever expanding WTTGT writers’ team.

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