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IN ARSENE We ……. ??

Every Arsenal fan is pleased (and/or relieved) that the team has been settling down much better and has earned a successful run of results. This after a disastrous first few weeks which left us near bottom of the league !

We are now getting some rather silly articles, comments and jibes about … how could you ever have criticised the great man, Arsene ? 

Don’t you doubters feel guilty ?   And should you not apologise for wanting him to be sacked ?

In the first place it was a minority of fans who ever wanted Wenger to leave. There were many disenchanted gooners, there was the Arsenal Supporters Trust and (for what it is worth)  there was me …. NOT wanting Arsene to GO but –  wanting him to CHANGE !!

Well I doubt if he has changed. I think the team had to be changed and the new composition of players has addressed some (but not all) areas of complaint.

What has recently changed ie. improved ?

  • We have at last a better mix of naive youth and street wise experience. NOT because AW changed but because the long term youth policy at all costs lies in tatters.  We can’t buy that player in case it hampers the development of this youngster. AW is very loyal but too loyal. The young stars have been leaving and will continue when ready to do so.
  • We have at last ceased passing passing passing … and don’t you dare shoot. NOT because AW has changed but because we can no longer dominate possession. At least we now pass to try to get somewhere.
  • We have at last forsaken attack attack attack … even when we need to close the game out.  NOT because AW has changed but because the experienced players (eg. Arteta) brought in know how to manage a match and calm things down.

And what has seemingly not changed ?

  • We still seem to approach transfers like cheapskates. Better a cheap player than a good player. Regarding Mertesecker I recall warnings from those who knew … like  … did we realise what we were buying ?   Like Mertesecker has been slow and error prone for some time in the German League.  He isn’t rated any more. I say we should have paid up for Cahill – or Samba. True enough, time will tell.
  • AW refuses to buy an outfield player who is 30 plus .. or offer allow a 2 year contract to an existing player.  For an obviously intelligent man this is very silly – and you’ve got it …. obstinate. Pires could have played for a couple more years. Barring injury, Parker will be terrific for Spurs for the next 4 – 5 years. 
  • And another thing … we still don’t do tactics ?   AW decides how we ALWAYS play, why we never change formation … and which players are 1st choice.  And that’s it.  Doesn’t matter about the opposition, their strengths and weaknesses.  We don’t change, we let other teams worry about us (!) How arrogant is that. Take it seriously when those who have played under AW declare … he is a great Manager (I think they mean Director of Football) but NO COACH. Why would they make that up ?
  • AW seems to be set on fielding both Walcott and Gervinho. I suggest that can be a mistake and we should be more flexible. It may be claimed we are playing 4/5/1. But against (say) B. Dortmund we were effectively 4/3/3. It is a gamble playing two fast, exciting, erratic wingers who may do damage but often lose the ball and don’t forage back for it.  Result … our midfield was over run and we arguably won due to a remarkable individual move by Song. It could have gone either way.
  • [I would have mortgaged my house on AW leaving it till the 70th minute before subbing Gervinho (who had a mare on the night)  with Benayoun …. who is both skilful AND hard working.]  

And what can never be changed because it’s too bloody late ?

  • Every Arsenal fan in the whole world wanted an experienced goalkeeper pre season 2010/11. We would not pay up for one. Eventually we picked Sczeszny and good luck to the young man. But by then goalkeeping had already lost us a lot of points.
  • Every Arsenal fan wanted a big central defender pre season 2010/11. Ok we were unlucky with Vermaelen being injured. But it took a long time to accept that Squillaci and Djourou are not up to it. This again cost us dearly.
  • Then there was the cock up in refusing to accept that Fabregas and Nasri were going to leave. So we bought new players in the last 36 hours … when the season was already 2 weeks old.  No wonder we started so badly – and are unlikely to make up the lost ground. Whose fault that was is hidden in the murky corridors of Arsenal HQ.  If anyone knows ….. please let me in on the secret. 

None of the above means we are anti Arsenal. We are all overjoyed at the turn around … which we hope and pray bears fruit.  What it does mean is that many of us appreciate Arsene’s shortcomings and are not prepared to pretend they suddenly don’t exist.   




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