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Carlos Tevez…soon to be on your bookshelf

The history of Carlos Tevez’s transfer sagas have enough content to rival War and Peace for longetivity.

He has never made a move between clubs an easy process, whether it be through fault of his own or the work of dark forces (namely his agent and co-owner Kia Joorabchian).

It was pretty much set in stone that when he made the move away from his home continent, he would be playing for one of Europe’s glamour clubs.

But of course he didn’t, in a remarkable plot twist our friend Carlos ended up in East London feasting out on Jellied Eeled as he signed for West Ham.

Subsequently, he managed to help keep the Hammers up and in turn felt the wrath of Mr.Warnock, whos Shefield United side were relegated instead.

The Yorkshire club are still receiving £4 million a year in compensation because of this, as they felt ‘El Pache’ wasn’t properly signed to the club (those dark forces were at work again).

Next up were Manchester United for the Argentine, and after a couple of good seasons at the Theatre of Dreams, Carlos (or maybe those dark forces once more) decided that Old Trafford wasn’t the place for him anymore.

This then left him at a crossroads in his career, he had a host of clubs vying for his signiature, and who did he choose to play for? That’s right, possibly the most controversial side he could have picked….United’s cross-city rivals Manchester City.

Similar to United, Tevez had two successful seasons at Eastlands until his infamous Munich substitute bench strop back in September.

This now brings us up to date. No real club, a tarnished reputation and yet again, you guessed it…another transfer saga. But this time, through no fault of his own.

Tevez has this week found himself yet again in the midst of a tussle between cross-city rivals, but in the form of the Milan sides.

It was only this Thursday that AC Milan thought they had secured Mr.Controversial, which lead to the hierachy at the Rossineri getting on the first flight to London.

Yet in true Tevez fashion there was a hitch. Milan were counting on Alexandro Pato finalising his move to PSG in order to have the funds to secure El Pache. But the Brazilian decided at the last minute to stay in Italy and the club’s representatives had to cut short their midweek break to the English capital.

This now leaves Inter as the favourites to sign Carlos, but hang on, is that another plot twist you feel coming on?

Tevez had to go and announce to the world that he’d prefer to play for Milan over Inter didn’t he? Which again leaves him in a pretty awkward situation as we approach the next chapter in this tale.

Litterally anything could happen this coming week in the life of Carlos Tevez…..publishers need to take note.


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