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Are Spurs better than Arsenal?

Spurs are now better than Arsenal. I hate to say it and I know that I will be vilified by many fans for writing this article, but I have to say what I think is now an undeniable fact.

If you take out Van Persie, the most lethal marksman in the league, our team looks decidedly average. Okay, I’m being a bit harsh, I think Vermaelen, Song and Szczesny are all excellent players, yet funny how they’re all predominantly defensive players and our defence is still shoddy. Our attack, well it’s void of ideas.

I’ve managed to watch a few games on TV, but the last match I saw live was Wigan away. We dominated and beat them 4-0 but we rarely looked like we’d get out of second gear. Wigan, it must be said, were very poor that day. In fact, since that match, we have only managed to score more than one goal two times in seven games; a 2-1 victory away at Villa and last weekend’s 3-2 defeat to Swansea.

The irony is, if we exclude the defeat to Manchester City, we have scored first in every other game since Wigan, yet dropped 8 points. And in each of those games we scored fairly early but rather than ruthlessly capitalise on the wounded opponent, allow them to get back in the game.

It has occurred to me that this team as a whole doesn’t have anything higher than second gear. There is no one, other than our captain, who is genuinely dangerous; Yes Walcott has pace, Gervinho is direct and Ramsey still has a lot to learn, but none of these players are half as talented as the likes of Ljungberg, Pires, Fabregas or Nasri. The team now looks void of that cutting edge that we have been used to in past Midfields. But what about Spurs?

As much as it pains me to say it, Bale, Van de Vaart, Lennon and Modric could easily walk into our current attacking midfield and as much as I love Song, Scott Parker has once again been superb.  We currently sit 10 points behind the Spuds and honestly, I can only see that gap widening.

 It is not however, all doom and gloom. Everton finished above Liverpool one season-but it has been far from the power shift I’m sure most Everton fans would have wanted, as the red half of Merseyside has resumed dominance. That said, Tottenham look to be the real thing whereas Everton had one very consistent season, probably beyond their expectations.

I’m not saying that Tottenham Hotspur as a club is anyway near as great as ours. Our history is rich and our consistency at the top level for the past 20 years is only bettered by Manchester United. But, if we are talking about the quality of this season’s teams, Spurs are better than us.

Why is this? More to come Gooners… 


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