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Assesing the title race

The title race just got a lot more interesting; let’s have a detailed look at both sides.

Manchester Utd have a pretty easy run of games until April 30 when they travel to the Etihad stadium to face City. Fulham, Blacbkburn, QPR, Wigan, Aston Villa and Everton are the clubs awaiting Sir Alex Ferguson’s charges as they attempt a 20th league title push.

The hunger, desire, commitment and most of all the halo of their manager keeps them going on and on and on. Not one of the squad members will be taking any of these games in a light hearted manner. They will be approaching each game with clear focus and a strong urge to win.

Players are coming back from injury; players are hitting top gear (Wayne Rooney, Jonny Evans, David De Gea, Michael Carrick and Ashley Young) and the golden oldies Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs continue to inspire the younger ones. United look sturdy, composed, focused. They, in all probability, should win the title on April 30 as Swansea and Sunderland won’t be posing too much of a challenge once the Etihad encounter gets taken care off.

Man City very clearly, need to buck up and quick. They are a point behind United as it is; they have a relatively far tougher run of fixtures that includes Chelsea, Stoke City, and Arsenal before mid April. They have quality players all over the squad but the absence of their star captain Vincent Kompany is hurting them badly. His absence ideally should have led to the emergence of a Yaya Toure or a Joe Hart taking over the leadership task but they clearly are feeling the heat.

They anyways have the popular perception of being big spenders which will only see their failure in winning the Premier League/Europa League leading to derisory snorts by people who`ll no doubt be happy to see them failing. So, in a psychological sense, City’s players owe it to themselves and to their amiable manager Roberto Mancini to do their best to win the title.

Man City held the top spot for four months from October to February but has lost it at a rather critical juncture. Their ability to pull together and give united a strong fight will determine the mood and morale for the upcoming years. This title, however, is Manchester United’s to lose.     

Yashasvee Prasad

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