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King Kenny- Useless royalty


Those Scots are so sharp, they are clever, cunning, hard to understand and shrewd.

Kenny Dalglish is one such person, whoever would have thought he could outwit people like Harry Redknnap, Arsene Wenger and even Roman the Chelskii, sorry Chelsea Emperor. Perhaps I should explain.

Arsene knew that if Arsenal didn’t make the top 4 then the very best players, like Robin van Persie, would leave for Champions League football like Cesc Fabregas did last year, or Samir Nasri did this year. The heat was on for them.

Likewise Luka Modric and Gareth Bale want the same, and would be targets for the Spanish giants.

Chelsea need to attract players and so talk of a new stadium and Champions League football is quoted to get the likes of Eden Hazard or Real Madrid failures to join them.

But Kenny outwitted them all.

By buying people like Charlie Adam, Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson and keeping Dirk Kuyt, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher in the side, he knows that nobody will want these players and so there is no danger of the squad being broken up in the summer.

By selling Fernando Torres and Raul Miereles (who wanted out anyway!) he also proved players that look good for Liverpool are actually poor in a good team and so strengthened his squad loyalty even further.

Add to that the saga of the new stadium and the fact that it’s years away at best, and you have a Club of old players in an old stadium playing poor football as they slip into mid table mediocrity.

Well done King Kenny.

Of course no summary would be complete without reference to the racist behavior of the man they regard as the reincarnation of Kenny himself, Luis Suarez. The fact Kenny supported his behavior to he extent the owners needed to point out what ethical behavior is, shows that Mr D has truly lost his way.

But the man keeps spouting off, about winning the last 10 league games and not playing on the anniversary of Hillsborough. He does this prior to the draw in the FA Cup and also prior to losing to QPR and Wigan. Timing is everything.

Until today Wigan had never won away against a side in the top 6, they still haven’t as Liverpool are now 7th and falling away.

The future is not bright for the red half of Liverpool. Everton at least have a manager of honor, a team of passion and no pretense of greatness.

It’s over Kenny, you are worse that Rafa Benitez, the team is the worst in years, expensive flops and you are not going to recapture the glory years anytime soon.

But the good news is that unlike the team who finishes 5th, you are not at risk of anyone buying your best players, because your best isn’t anyone else’s mediocrity.

You couldn’t have made me happier if you were a Manchester United supporter. You truly are useless.

Steve Burrows @ifollowsteve

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