Liverpool fans have a cause for concern


Liverpool fans have become disillusioned at the recent events that have occurred at their football club. So much so that fans union Spirit of Shankly (SOS) have written to owners Fenway Sports Group calling on them to provide “clear leadership and direction” to dispel fears that the club is in “disarray”.

In the correspondence sent to principal owner John W. Henry, chairman Tom Werner and managing director Ian Ayre, SOS also urged them to improve communication with supporters.

Liverpool fans believe that they receive little information about major decisions that a being made; something that isn’t helped with the departure of the head of communications at the club.

SOS, which has around 50,000 members, acted after Kenny Dalglish became the latest victim of FSG’s extensive clear-out which has left the Reds without either a manager or a director of football.

“We are writing to you as we are concerned about the current situation that our football club finds itself in,” it reads.

“It is a time of worry for supporters, not just because of the huge changes and the transformation that is happening in such a short time frame but the manner in which it is happening.

“It may be that yourselves and the board of Liverpool Football Club have a vision you are working towards. It may be that you have implemented a strategy to deliver that vision and decisions are being made to work towards this.

“However, from the outside where supporters find themselves once again, it looks like a football club in disarray. Confusion and chaos seems to reign and no-one is coming out of this with much credit, particularly the football club’s image and brand.

“We need clear and pro-active communication, a confident message about the club’s plans that breeds confidence amongst supporters that we are moving in the right direction. Instead, we have silence and a lack of information or understanding on decisions being made.

Ayre explained last week that not even winning the FA Cup would have saved Dalglish as his future depended on the Reds’ Premier League form.

This is a massive statement from Ian Ayre. So if Dalglish had won the F.A cup he still would have been shown the door!? How can a manager, in his first full season, win the club’s first two trophies (out of a possible three) since 2006, still get the sack!?

In their letter SOS expressed fears that cash generated from Champions League qualification has now surpassed clinching silverware in importance.

It’s evident that the club now believes that making money from Champions League qualification is now much more important than winning silverware. When a player retires, he will be asked about the trophies that he won not how many times he qualified for the Champion League.

Liverpool fans were also offended when the official Liverpool twitter page asked the supporters who they think should be the next manager. At a time when many fans were fuming over the dismissal of ‘King Kenny,’ to be faced with this question was infuriating and unprofessional.

What Liverpool fans need more than anything right now is an official statement from the club. As supporters they need to know why these decisions are being made and be assured that FSG have a plan.

With the history that Liverpool has, circumstances like this shouldn’t be happening at the club. Everyone needs to be pulling in the right direction and supporters must be informed immediately why decision are being made especially when it concerns the sacking of a club legend.

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