Di Canio goalkeeper rant. Priceless (video)

The Italian certainly has his own style. As a player at West Ham and Lazio, he was eccentric to say the least. From pushing referees over, to his act of sportsmanship against Everton when their ’keeper lay injured, he is certainly unpredictable, which we have seen mirrored in his early management career.

He has taken Swindon to the Football League trophy final, and to a League Two promotion, but not without some questionable moments.

He was involved in a high-profile bust-up with striker Leon Clarke, who never played for the club again, whilst former captain Paul Caddis was stripped of the captaincy and shipped off to Birmingham City, whilst he substituted his goalkeeper this week after just 20 minutes.

His approach reminds many of that of Alejandro Sosa, to Al Pacino, playing Tony Montana in Scarface. “Don’t **** me Tony, Don’t ever try to **** me”.

That same applies to Leon, Paul, and now to Wes. To be brutally honest, after watching him for many years as a player, he does seem like the kind of man you would prefer to be on your side, rather than against it, ask any Premier League defender from the 90s.

What is for sure, is that he is bound to give neutrals more laughs and giggles, and Swindon fans a fair few migraines.

It is very early in his career to know where it is going, but if he performs on the sidelines anywhere near as well as he did on the field, he will be set for the big time, rather than the managerial scrapheap that has claimed so many ex-professionals.

 Just ask Paul Ince.

Haven’t seen the calamity from Foderingham, and the Di Canio bust-up? Watch it on the link below:


The Italian legend also has a striking resemblance to another more notorious hothead.

 Brad Smith