Footballing Greats: Thierry Henry (Video)

Thierry Henry has somewhat fallen off the map in recent times as the living Arsenal legend currently plies his trade in the somewhat derided MLS. However his skill has not diminished, his trademarked back-heels, side-foot finishes and his footballing vision remains.

With 30 goals and 17 assists in 61 games it seems that the New York Red Bulls are certainly getting value for money with the skilful Henry. However this article is not about statistics or cold hard facts, it is about the joy of watching one of the finest players to ever play the game flourish in a team that rightfully makes him the centre-point. The MLS allows Henry to experiment with his game and that makes for exciting football matches.

The excitement that came with the news that Henry was to be reunited with Arsenal in January this year on a loan deal should tell you everything you need to know. At 35 years of age it might be right question what all the fuss is about considering his role would be marginal at best. However the emotions of the average football fan attaches to Henry is clear for all to see. His style of play is breathtaking and because of that holds a special place in the hearts of faithful Gooners and non believers alike.

The role Henry fulfilled during his loan stint with Arsenal proves he is more than capable of the demands of the Premier League if a more conservative approach was taken to his game time. He could be the ultimate impact player: if a side was one nil down with twenty minutes to go, would there be anyone better to throw on than the lethal Thierry Henry, even at 35? Aside from when Lionel Messi fulfilled the role last weekend it must be highly doubted.

That is not the style of Henry, however. The MLS allows the World Cup winner to play game after game, allowing Henry to soak up every last drop of football that remains in his career. For all the claims that Henry went for the money his love for the game must surely be applauded.

So just for old times sakes take a look at Henry’s performances that allowed him to claim the MLS player of the month back in March. Enjoy.


Tomos Llewellyn