Celebrations aren’t what they used to be (video)

In the aftermath of the first taste of Champions League we’ve had in a long time, much was made of José Mourinho’s knee slide. It was truly one of the best managerial celebrations in recent years.  However I put this down to the lack of decent celebrations more than the specialness of the Special One.

José’s bizarre ruining of his $2000 suit would have been commonplace amongst the many ludicrous celebrations of past managers, and there were many.  Whether it be Sir Bobby against Belgium or Bob Stokoe running in the 73 cup final, the celebrations of the past are far more eye-catching than Mr Wenger fist waving in that ridiculous sleeping bag coat.

I poured through a load of old celebrations, through the many top tens and compilations and one stood out in my mind as simply incredible.  Having heard about the fierce rivalries that exist in Turkey, it would surely be irresponsible to aggravate angry fans after they just witnessed their team lose in a derby?  Even dangerous?  Well this didn’t bother Graham Souness when, after his Galatasaray team went to Fenerbaçhe and beat them, he rushed into the centre of the pitch and planted a giant Galatasaray flag in the centre circle.  Only a man like Graham Souness could brave pulling off something this ridiculous.

Tom DiMaio

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