What can Liverpool fans learn from Rodgers’ Swansea City? (Video)

As Liverpool fans lick their wounds after the stinging defeat to Manchester United they should take comfort from the plaudits received by Brendan Rodgers’ Swansea City last season.


Yes, despite Liverpool‘s fall from grace Swansea City’s expectations are understandably much lower than that of the Anfield outfit. However Rodgers’ philosophy has followed him to Anfield like an ominous shadow. A shadow that will inevitably cast a dim light on Rodgers in the short term.


Liverpool fans should not lose heart despite an obvious poor start. So what can Liverpool fans learn from Swansea City’s campaign last season? Firstly it has been forgotten by many that it took Rodgers five full games to register his first Premier League victory last season, a statistic that very much deserved to be matched by the performance of his side at Anfield this afternoon. It also took until January to register a first away win of the season, again a statistic that has been deafened by the sound of much praise for Swansea’s style of play. A slow start does not equal a slow season.


Rodgers can also learn from Swansea‘s failings in front of goal, as his side last season scored less goals than relegated Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers. His side conceded 51 goals, the same amount as 5th place and season-long Champions league contenders Newcastle United. If Rodgers can learn from his mistakes, and rectify a problem with his system and philosophy that has surfaced since last season then Liverpool can push on and compete with the likes of Newcastle United in and around the top four.


Rodgers had a steady defence last season and with a potential world class line up of Reina, Johnson, Enrique, Skrtel and Agger, should not have any worries on that front. If anything Rodgers should not be cast aside as many would have you believed. The addition (or re-union) of a striker capable of carrying the team would propel the side up the Premier League table, especially so under the guidance of Brendan Rodgers. Liverpool are on the right track and future results will prove this theory, as long as the talented young manager does not get cast aside prematurely.



Tomos Llewellyn