Goals I’ll never forget – The Mendes effort that never was (Video)

January 2005. Manchester United hosted Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. The North London side had just defeated Everton 5-2 at White Hart Lane on New Years’ Day, Dean Marney stealing the show with a brace against the Toffees.

Unsurprisingly, fans trudged up to Old Trafford, hopeful of just a point. Spurs headed back down south having secured the draw, but it could’ve been all three had the officials seen the ball cross that line.

The game was entering its final moments, with Spurs looking to instigate a counter-attack. United had been the better of the two teams, but their Premier League counterparts had surely done enough to warrant a draw.

Noe Pamarot knocked the ball high and into the United half, but it was comfortable headed away by Rio Ferdinand. However, Roy Carroll had strayed from his goal-line in an earlier move and with it; was suspect to an effort over the top.

Pedro Mendes spotted this and attempted to lob the Northern Ireland international, but failed to put any real power into his shot. However, with Carroll looking comfortable to claim the ball, he spectacularly plundered Mendes’ effort over the line.

Fans watching at home knew it was a goal. Fans behind the goal knew it was a goal. Carroll, looking mortified, knew it was a goal. The only people who hadn’t spotted the ball cross the line were the officials and the only ones that could have handed Spurs the win on the night.

While the goal hadn’t been given, it is still one that I have fond memories of, especially ahead of Spurs’ evening encounter with United.