Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh wait, it is a bird! (Video)

When a drunken fan decides it is a great idea to rip all their clothes off and take to the pitch and interrupt the game, it is usually confronted by boos and chants to get off the pitch.

However, if the offender has 4 legs and a waggly tail then both the crowd and players are usually more forgivable, and it is usually met with laughter and happiness. Anyone remember the Anfield Cat?

This was certainly not the case when a petrified duck somehow found its way onto the field of action in a game between Zulte-Waregem and Lokeren over in Belgium.

After failing to chase the duck from the pitch, Zulte forward Habib Habibou grabbed the duck and carelessly hurled it over the advertising boards in order to resume play, before the duck quickly ran off in a state of panic.

RSPCA anyone?

There were no animals harmed in this video… Probably.