Let’s make this Crystal clear; stop the music videos

It isn’t the first time it’s happened and chances are it won’t be the last, but the Crystals need to stop with the music video making. For those unaware, the Crystals are the Crystal Palace cheerleaders and after the rip-roaring success of Call Me Maybe, a song the Miami Dolphins also made a video of, the South London side gave the go ahead for the cheerleaders to do the same for Gangnam Style; a video that has attracted the most likes in the history of YouTube.

Naturally, the video has boosted interest in Palace and kudos to them for bringing more attention to the club. But, it’s gone beyond the point of embarrassment, especially with the latest offing. People initially viewed the song by South Korean pop sensation Psy as a bit of a joke, which to its credit; it pretty much is.

Then to have the video basically replicated by the cheerleaders of a Championship side has seen it gone beyond parody. The Gandalf and Hitler versions were inevitable; they regularly appear regardless of the situation behind any meaningless video.

Now with the Crystals, it’s made the club out to be some sort of laughing stock. Some would’ve thought the Call Me Maybe video would’ve been the beginning and end of the fixation surrounding the trend of a group of beautiful women replicating songs. And let’s be honest; the only to really make it work now would be to recreate something by Rammstein or Slipknot or a song of from that particular genre.