Clarence Seedorf – The General (Video)

With a CV that boasts above the majority of professional footballers, Clarence Seedorf has continually impressed throughout an accomplished 20-year career.

Ajax, Real Madrid and both the Milan giants have all required Seedorf’s services in the past, but he is coming to the end of his playing days and is currently playing for Botafogo in the Brazilian top division.

An ability to open a defence with an adept sweep of his foot, a nimble dexterity that matches any, and a softened touch when it comes to gliding a ball into a colleague’s path; Seedorf is renowned for his dominance in the centre of any pitch in which he decorates.

You can feel a wave of assurance with his every touch of the ball, a sense of confidence and relaxation when he receives possession.

Seedorf is a particularly elegant player of the game and contains a smack of luxury about his play, his enrichment of talent provides him the facility to control any game, even at the age of 36.