Neymar can’t mask anger after bizarre red card (video)

We often see red cards in football for interesting reasons, but this Neymar red card is just incredible.  After scoring a goal to put Santos 3-0 up against Colo Colo, Neymar’s celebration did not impress the referee and who gave him him a second yellow and immediate expulsion from the game.

So what did Neymar do you might ask to earn himself this red card? Brace yourselves; he put on a mask, of his own face.  Several questions come to mind, firstly, why?  What bizarre message does putting on a mask of your own face give or is Neymar’s ego that big?  Secondly, why does this bizarre act deserve a yellow card? It’s just a bit of fun.

In all seriousness, the yellow was probably for running to the crowd to receive the mask; a booking that we often see in the premier league that I personally think is ridiculous.  The game eventually ended 3-2 to Santos with a ridiculous total of 5 red cards!

Tom DiMaio