The importance of Dembélé

Tottenham possess a whole host of top class players to boast about; but none are more important than Moussa Dembele.

AVB’s arrival this season has seen him introduce a new look Spurs’ side. Initial criticism was made for the inability to replace midfield master class, Luka Modric, after narrowly missing out on João Moutinho among others.

However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the presence of a lower-profiled signing that Spurs did manage to sew up could take AVB’s blue and white army to a brand new level.

For all of his majesty and class, Modric did at times lack the physicality suited to the Premier League. Yes – exceptional balance and vision does circumvent the need to be physical, but his natural style of play does not motivate team mates to work or press harder, which is a problem when you dictate play as much as he does.

Moussa Dembele also demonstrates impeccable technique, but it’s his power and energy which takes Tottenham to the next level. When combined with other high-energy players, such as Dempsey, Bale, Lennon and Defoe, Tottenham can press and attack teams at devastating pace.

This was seen, in particular, at Old Trafford where United’s defense struggled to contain the energy of Tottenham’s counter attacks. This energy was dearly missed against London rivals Chelsea – compounded further through Bale’s absence – as low energy players, such as Huddlestone and Livermore, had to be brought in.

Harry Redknapp’s team last year played everything through Luka Modric and at times they were excellent. The problem would come when Tottenham were faced with a stronger defense or a defensive team. Key players Modric, Van der Vaart and Adebeyor’s build up play was often too slow, allowing the opposition to regain shape.

Dembele has been out through injury the last few games and it’s showed. AVB will have his fingers crossed that he’ll be back in time for key clashes against Arsenal and Man City in mid-November.