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Every team has divers

I hate to admit it, but Brendan Rodgers is right.

He claimed last week that every club has a culture of diving and that they should get their own house in order before pointing the finger at his much maligned striker Luis Suarez.

There’s a lot to like about Suarez; the incredible talent, the work-rate however there is an even bigger list of reasons to loathe the Liverpool forward.

Alleged racist allegations against him and his tendency to go to ground easily have done little to enamour people towards him.

With Cristiano Ronaldo now playing in Spain Suarez has come to represent the petulant, theatrical side of the game which all too often rears its ugly head.

Suarez dives occasionally, it’s a fact. But what is more alarming is the number of other players who are at it.

And it’s not just the South Americans. Something which was once the preserve of foreign players having been brought up amongst a pre-existing “diving culture” is now being exhibited by British players.

Last week in the Merseyside derby former England international and Everton captain Phil Neville was shown a yellow card for simulation. I mean if we can’t trust Phil Neville to stay on his feet then who can we trust?

In a game now shadowed by other, far more serious matters, Chelsea striker Fernando Torres was sent off against Manchester United after being shown a second yellow card for an alleged dive.

Subsequent replays showed there was some contact but Torres’ reaction; eyes closed and mouth open in faux agony as he tumbled towards the deck do little to shy away from claims that he “made the most of it”.

The fact of the matter is that almost every team, no matter what league or country they play in have one or two players who go to ground a bit too easily.

Some players, no names being mentioned, could even teach Tom Daley a thing or two.

But Rodger’s statement about diving, no doubt brought out of frustration after some of the accusations hurled at his star striker, have demonstrated just how big a problem diving is in the modern game.

The main problem with tackling the issue is that it is so hard to police. And it is so widespread that it is at risk of becoming an accepted part of the game.

Referees tend to keep their cards in their pockets for all but the most blatant of dives and even then, when the game is being played at such a high pace it can be difficult to spot simulation from a genuine foul.

Unless retrospective action for diving is introduced I can only see the problem getting worse; and I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of the theatrics.

Stay on your feet lads.

Robert Lock