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Forget the Suarez celebration (Video)

With not much to show in the highlights of Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool over the weekend, it was a game that was focused on two players – that of John Terry and Luis Suarez. Both have, over the 12 last months, been found guilty of racist abuse towards fellow professionals, and as a result the encounter was focused on the duo.

It was all but scripted that both would score, while a coming together between the pairing in the first half saw Terry stretchered off with knee ligament damage, the club however confirming he’ll be sidelined for “weeks, not months” on Monday.

After the encounter, much was made of Suarez’s celebration. The Uruguayan had netted in the 73rd minute, heading home after a Jamie Carragher knock on. Cue, in true Suarez fashion, an over the top celebration from a goal that meant a lot to Liverpool.

Yet, having run to the Reds fans, the front-man turned to find none of his teammates celebrating with him. It led to humorous responses over Twitter and GIF’s doing to the round with the facial expression plastered across Suarez’s face a real joy to behold.

It also led to some speculation as to what it actually meant. Reading the recent issue of FourFourTwo, the secret player revealed that the striker who nobody celebrates with isn’t as popular in the dressing room as he would like to believe.

However, there are those that feel that, after a gruelling 75 minutes, the players were tired and only thinking about heading back into position ahead of the kick-off and the chance to conserve energy as they looked to hold out for a point or even push on for all three.

Either way, like Andre Santos’ shirt swapping at half-time between Manchester United and Arsenal, too much is being made of Suarez’s celebration and the reaction of his teammates.