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Mancini – he comes from Itlay, he manages Man City

There are some managers I absolutely loathe. Phil Brown, when he was managing Hull, was one of those men and I’m not too fond of Mark Huhges either. Alan Pardew is very dull and we all get a bit peeved off with the amount Sir Alex Ferguson chews down on that bloody gum.

Man City are an easy target for fans to focus their abuse and distaste at. I’ll admit that I have indulge in that in more than one occasion because of the way they have bought themselves a Premier League title. It’s all a bit Football Manager: you’ve put in a cheat now you can buy all the best players.

Anyway, back to my original point, it would be very easy to hate City’s manager Roberto Mancini, too, but there is something very likable about the charismatic Italian. He wears his heart on his sleeve and it is very clear that he has a real love and passion for the game, something which is hard to dislike, even if he is managing one of your rivals.

I also have a great deal of respect for him because he has, arguably, the most difficult job in European football. Yes, he may have unlimited transfer funds at his disposal but Mancini still has to make sure that he picks the right time and gets results. Conversely, if results don’t go his way then Mancini has more pressure on him than any other manager because of the copious amounts spent on City’s squad, Man City’s disastrous Champion Leagues campaign is a good example.

Additionally, there are some very big egos in that dressing room (I’m looking at you Balotelli) and it is Mancini’s job to keep them all under control and establisn a harmonious atmosphere.

Despite only being 47 (relatively young in manager’s years) Mancini has already won three Serie A titles (with Inter) and, of course, that famous League title with Man City last season. Mancini had a fantastic playing career, too, and he made a phenomenal 500+ appearances for Sampdoria helping them win their only league title in the club’s history. 

Mancini has already cemented his position as a legend at Man City having helped them win that Premier League title last season but he may be on his way out sooner rather than later. He was in advanced talks with Monaco FC last season and every time I see Mancini it looks like the pressure cooker job at City gives him more and more white hairs by the day. The self proclaimed Corrie fan may be leaving the soap opera drama of the Premier League but the Italian has certainly made a sensational impact in his two years at Manchester.