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Changing Tides on Merseyside


Bill Shankly once said, “This city has two great teams, Liverpool and Liverpool reserves” and for the last decade Liverpool would seem to have had the majority of success over their bitter local rivals. Even if it may be very marginal the red half of Merseyside has always been consider by the nation, the stronger half. At one stage considered major title contenders and before too long ago, one of the premierships big 4 and lets not forget former Champions of Europe. However the Toffees have always given their rivals a good go and this year, more so than recent, it just feels like the blue half of Merseyside is going to have more to cheer about than the reds.

David Moyes is an absolutely fantastic tribute to the way Everton Football Club has been run over the last decade and I personally hope that he can prove the whole country wrong, and show everyone that dedication, trust and clever management of budgets and players can win you things and bring a club success. Since January 2003 Liverpool FC have spent £414 million pounds. That’s not only the third most in the League but nearly £300 million more than their local rivals Everton. And when you consider the blues have almost always been within touching distance of the reds this could support enough of an argument that Everton could soon be the new powerhouse of Liverpool.

Liverpool have made one of their worst starts to a Premier League season since the league formed and Everton on the other side one of their best. The big questions are what can change for Liverpool? and can Moyes and the blues keep it up? For me the form Everton are in at the moment and the way they are playing, they look like a side that will be difficult to beat for most of the season as long as they keep star man MarouaneFellaini fit. He is undeniably the form man of the season so far exceeding his goals tally from last year already with 6 Premier League goals and being dubbed by Fulham Manager Martin Jol as “unplayable”. Fantastic results against Liverpool and United show the sides resilience and team togetherness. On the other side of Liverpool, losses to Arsenal at home, United at home, losing a two goal lead to their rivals Everton and a worrying lack of goals from the rest of the side besides Suarez (8 PL goals) it could be a time for a change in dominant colour on Merseyside.

Jack Turner @TinoTurnz