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Harry Houdini back in town

I knew he wouldn’t end up taking the Ukraine job.

After weeks of speculation the former Tottenham manager and housewives favourite has usurped Mark Hughes at QPR to become the West London clubs new manager, despite reported interest from the Ukrainian FA.

I’d love to see that, Redknapp struggles to say Huddlestone never mind Tymoschhuk.

I doubt, despite what was circulated in the press, that Harry was interested in the Ukraine job. Not even a little bit.

Imagine if he had taken it though. That would mean our ‘Arry, for a long while everyone’s first choice as successor to Fabio Capello could have been the man who stopped England qualifying for the World Cup when the teams meet in September.

You couldn’t make it up!

It may be cynical but I think Redknapp was just using all the speculation linking him to the Ukrainian job to force QPR’s hand into making him their new manager.

Harry is a wily old so and so and I’m wagering he used the publicity to let QPR know he is very much in demand and wouldn’t wait for them indefinitely; “Take me now or lose me forever” to slightly misquote Top Gun.

I think QPR and Harry will be a good fit for one another. A team who look disinterested and unmotivated coupled with a manager renowned for his man management and motivational skills.

It will definitely work. Maybe.

Forget about silly little things like tactics and formations, which Harry is notoriously suspect on, and just get the first 11 playing as a solid unit. The rest will come in time.

QPR even have at their disposal 35 year old New Zealand clogger Ryan Nelsen. A man Harry signed towards the end of his reign as Tottenham much to the bemusement of many Spurs fans.

And Redknapp might just be the right man for the job as he demonstrated when he inherited a down on their luck Tottenham side following the departure of Juande Ramos and transformed them into a top six side.

Whilst QPR at the moment don’t resemble anything close to a team capable of playing for each other or actually winning a football match the squad has enough quality and experience to survive relegation this season.

Redknapp won’t want to waste any time however with the crucial Christmas period fast approaching. Statistics show that the team at the bottom of the table on December the 25th are more often than not relegated.

He’s got his work cut out but if anyone can do it, then Harry Houdini  can.

Robert Lock