Headshot (Video)

Now I know it’s slightly immature, and a bit old now, but this is one of the funniest football videos I have seen for a long time.

Poor Gareth Bale is only trying to defend a Liverpool corner when pesky little Aaron Lennon’s goal line clearance smashes him straight in the face and bounces off for an embarrassing and painful own goal.

As OG’s go this one has got to be up there in terms of hilarity. Full marks for Bale’s theatrical fall afterwards too, it would seem it’s not just a tackle from the opposition that makes the Welshman fall to the floor.

In fairness the ball does hit him flush in the face and Lennon is standing right next to him when he boots it so I’m sure it had some force behind it!

Bale set up Lennon for a goal at the right end of the pitch and even managed to get on the score sheet himself as Spurs beat the Reds 2-1 so I doubt he would have minded too much.

Too many more of them however and he could end up with a nose like Steve Bruce.

Robert Lock