He’s got previous (Video)

You may recall that recently Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a 40-yard over head kick against England. It was quite a memorable goal, something even the great Emile Heskey would have been proud of.

So when the ball fell to the giant Swede in a recent game between PSG and Saint Etienne you would expect that he would at least hit the target. Well you’d be wrong.

Not only does he manage to miss the target he manages to miss the ball and swings a leg in a hilarity which only connects with thin air.

Now I’m not saying he should have definitely scored, it’s a difficult chance, its just funny watching a player score one of the greatest goals of all time and then make a complete pillock of himself a few short weeks later.

Watch the video until the end for a glorious slow motion replay of the incident. Oh dear Zlatan!

Robert Lock