Quit criticising Suarez for his handball (Video)

It was a Twitter meltdown of nuclear proportions when Luis Suarez handled the ball during Liverpool’s FA Cup 2-1 win over Mansfield Town on Sunday. Many a user took to the social networking site to criticise the Uruguayan, who has previous of using his hands in the 18 yard box, to lambast the Reds front-man.

Jon Champion labelled him a cheat directly after the goal took place, an action he has since apologised for, while others insist the player himself should’ve owned up to the incident, thus ruling out the goal. Instead, play continued and the Merseysiders secured their place in the fourth round of the competition at the expense of the Conference National side.

Yet, the criticism Suarez is receiving is duly unwarranted, regardless of the name he has made for himself in English football. However, you have to ask yourself; would you have owned up to the incident had you scored a goal of similar ilk?

What if Matt Green had handled for an equaliser to force a replay at Anfield, would he have admitted to handling the ball for the goal? It’s debatable, that’s for sure. On top of that, had he been a defender and giving away a penalty for a handball, would he have gone to the referee and insisted he broke a ruling? I highly doubt it.

The blame for missed incident falls directly to the officials, who failed to blow up or signal an infringement had taken place, not the Liverpool star. On top of that, those criticising Suarez for kissing his wrist, insisting he’s being ‘unsportsmanlike’ has clearly never seen the Uruguayan score in the past, considering it’s his trademark celebration.

Either way, the criticism he is receiving is highly unwarranted. If I were in his position, I would’ve done the same thing, seeing as the game itself is about winning and losing and the opportunity to progress to the next round of a competition all bur rules out any sentimental value.

So while Suarez has indeed been dubbed a cheat by some for his antics in the past, this time it is the fault of the officials, not the player himself.