How long will Neymar remain in Brazil? (Video)

The noise and hype surrounding the young Brazillian star Neymar has been growing and growing for quite some time now.

It seems inevitable that one of Europe’s top clubs will calling soon and take him from his beloved Santos as the allure of cold hard (oily) cash will be too hard to resist.

And the club that is lucky enough to secure the 20 year old’s signature will have quite the player on their hands.

A skilful and technically gifted winger who lacks nothing in confidence, Neymar is set to be one of the footballing world’s biggest stars and the minute he explodes on the European scene many more will come to realise this fact.

Mind you, he’ll be facing sturdier defenders than the ones he appears to embarass in this video so much less circus tricks. Still, watch this and get excited.