Classic from archive: Hurst in America (Video)

It must feel good to be Sir Geoff Hurst.

Firstly, he is Sir Geoff Hurst, recognised by the Queen herself for his contribution to football. Secondly, he is the only man to have scored a hat-trick in a World Cup Final.

And lastly, and surely most importantly, it was that hat-trick that helped England win their one and only World Cup in 1966. Against the Germans. At Wembley. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that, does it?

Nevermind the fact that he had a pretty decent domestic career, scoring 180 times for West Ham United and another 30 times for Stoke City, he will always be Sir Geoff Hurst, the man who scored a hat-trick against the Germans at Wembley in the World Cup Final.

If Hurst had decided not to play another minute of football following that brilliant day in the summer of 1966 he still would have been knighted based on that contribution alone.

Anyway, here is the throwback (and quite obscure) clip of week involving the England legend himself. Making his debut for NASL (old MLS) team the Seattle Sounders against the St Louis Stars. Not quite World Cup Final at Wembley, the Sounders suffered at two nil loss, but Hurst was still able to score nine times during his tenure in the States.