Joga Bonito – Ronaldinho at his best (Video)

What exactly has happened to Ronaldinho?

I blinked and he was at AC Milan. I blink again and he is on the bench there. I blink again and he’s fat and back in Brazil suing a club for lack of payment.

It seems bizarre that a player like Ronaldinho, who once had the footballing world at his feet during his time at Barcelona, faded into obscurity so quickly, firstly in Italy and now in Brazil.

Regardless, old Ronaldinho videos simply never get old because during his pomp and prime he was one of the most skilful players the football world has ever seen. One of the best individual performances I have seen by a footballer is Ronaldinho’s in the 2005 El Clasico, a display which drew a standing ovation from the Bernebeau it was so good.

Ronaldinho made opposing teams look silly on a regular basis; knocking balls in between their legs, flipping it over them with the outside of his foot as if they in the playground. Playing against him must have been a nightmare.

Anyway, please take some time out from whatever you are doing right now to watch this quick video of Ronaldinho’s finest ‘I’m making you look like a fool’ tricks.