Laurent Robert: purveyor of fine goals (Video)

Laurent Robert’s form may have fluctuated throughout his playing career but one thing was consistent and that was his eye for the spectacular.

Robert specialised in scoring wonder goals and during his time in England, with Newcastle United, we were given a first hand look at the Frenchman’s ridiculously strong shot which allowed him to become notorious for scoring goal of the season contenders on a regular basis.

He started his career with Montpellier and then moved Paris St Germain before jumping across the channel to join Newcastle during one of their most successful periods.

He made over 100 appearances for the club and scored 30 goals – and most of the them were extraordinary.

Here is a compilation of his finest strikes throughout his career and it is hard to remember a player with such a powerful shot.

My personal favourite? It has to be the free kick against Liverpool at Anfield. Probably 35-yards from goal, a dead ball and Robert just leathers it into the far corner. To do that requires an incredible amount of power and the speed the ball travels after it leaves Robert’s boot is quite astonishing.

He may not have been world class, but his goals certainly were.