Classic Warnock (Video)

Doesn’t Neil Warnock remind you of Mrs Doubtfire?     

I certainly think I am watching a mid-90s comedy starring Robin Williams whenever I see the Leeds manager give an interview. Dead ringer.

Good manager, though, is Neil Warnock and he has been around for a very long time so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to football.

Warnock is currently trying to direct Leeds into the direction of the play-off places in the Championship as the Yorkshire club aim to return to England’s top flight for the first time since 2004.

There have been some dark moments over the past coupel of years for Leeds but I belive that they have the right manager in Warnock if they want to get back into the Premier League.

He has experience in abundance and, as you can tell from this clip, he knows how to motivate a team. One of my wishes as a football fan is that they would allow a cameraman in the room for a half time team talk, like they have here with Warnock and his Huddersfield team.

Who would have loved to have seen Arsene Wenger’s half time team talk during the Bayern Munich game? Or witness Fergie’s famous ‘hair dryer’ treatment?

Anyway, enjoy this little gem from 1995 of Mrs Doubtfire having a good ol’ rant at his players (‘You’re in f-in Latvia!’)