Faustino Asprilla: Cult hero (Video)

It is true that top flight footballers operate on different planes than to us mere mortals.

I often wonder what it must be like to paid a shit load of money every week and not have to ever worry about finances again. Some footballers must just walk around in a daze, not believing their luck that they get paid such lucrative amounts to do something like play football.

Anyway, sometimes all that money and status can result in footballers behaving the most ridiculous ways from time to time.

Take Newcastle United cult hero Faustino Asprilla, for example. A pretty decent footballer, certainly, but an absolute mad man off the pitch.

Apparently, the Colombian once turned up to a training session wielding a gun and was arrested for firing a machine gun at police near his farm.

The Colombian’s antics were not contained to club level either. Aspirilla was nine hours late for preparations ahead of a World Cup qualifier because he reportedly gone to buy a horse. Bonkers.

His two seasons in England with Newcastle were unspectacular with regards to goals but he will forever be held in high esteem by Toon Army for the remarkable hat-trick he scored against Barcelona in the Champions League.