5 of the greatest ever Premier League strikers: The little to the large (Videos)

You often see a nippy individual stuck up front to utilise the space behind the sluggish defenders, and these lot did exactly that to earn their wages, arguably, throughout their career.

Picture the scene. You are a 6ft5 burly defender who loves throwing his weight around, loves to take advantage of players with your massive strength dominance and generally bully anyone who comes within 10 yards of you. Now, picture a 5ft nothing, whippet-like striker sprinting at you, past you or round the back of you. What do you do? Fake an injury? Let him know you’re there with an almighty challenge? The reality of it is, there is very little you can do to contain a little dynamo forward, which is exactly why so many of them have made millions playing as one.

One of the best at this in the current game is none other than Manchester City‘s Sergio Aguero. When he snatched the Premier League title away from Manchester United last summer with his last gasp winner against QPR, he secured his name into the history books.

Watch this clip and appreciate his work. 

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