If you thought McManaman’s tackle was bad….(Video)

Jason Cousins managed to have a pretty decent footballing career.

I mean, it was nothing spectacular, but he was a good player and his eleven years at Wycombe Wanderers made him a club legend.

Twice he was named player of the season for Wanderers, the 94-95 and 98-99 seasons, and was a part of the club’s fantastic FA Cup run in the 01-02 season where they were able to advance all the way to semi-finals.

He was even named club captain for a period of time but he was stripped of the captaincy in 1993.

The reason? This absolutely horrendous tackle against Doncaster for which he, incredibly, only received a second yellow and not a straight red, probably resulting in a one or two game fan.

As Callum McManaman’s recent horror  tackle has raised the issue of punishment for such actions it is interesting to note that Wymcombe felt it was such a bad tackle that Cousins was to have the armband taken from him.

This isn’t a tackle, though, it is common assault. Have you ever seen a more dangerous tackle? Something like that should have resulted in a six month ban (or longer) for Cousins. It is thuggish behaviour but I imagine the FA simply turned a blind eye to it, much like they have McManaman’s.