The strangest red card ever? (Video)

I thought Clarence Seedorf had retired from football altogether following his 12 year stay with AC Milan, during which he made 300 appearances.

But apparently not as the 36-year-old Dutchman is currently playing in Brazil for Botafogo and looks to be enjoying himself, too, having played 26 times and scored 9 goals.

Seedorf has always conducted himself in a professional manner throughout his career so it was somewhat of a surprise to come across this clip of him getting sent off in this Brasileiro Serie A match during the past week.

Quite why he gets sent off seems to be a mystery to even the referee himself but it appears to be because Seedorf refuses to leave the pitch the way the ref has asked him too, preferring instead to run all the way to the opposite sideline. Such a crime clearly warrants a red card.

Anyway, it is one of the more bizarre sights you will see this week and I’m sure if Botafogo were to appeal the red card it would be rescinded. The ref will probably cite dissent as the main reason he sent Seedorf off but, in truth, he is just being very petty indeed.

Also, the Madureira player who is screaming at the ref to send Seedorf off needs a slap as does any player who does such things.