The art of the free-kick (Video)

…as shown by everybody’s favourite Cristiano Ronaldo.

Love him, hate him, adore him, loathe him whatever your viewpoint on Real Madrid’s highly groomed superstar you simply cannot deny that the man knows how to take a good free kick.

When I first saw him testing out his new stance and technique I thought he looked a bit strange. Well, who’s looking strange now eh? That silly looking technique he’s got is in fact absolute bloody dynamite.

His success rate with free kicks is remarkable and I shall never ever forget that crushing 40 yarder he hit against Arsenal in the Champions League semi-final. You remember the one right? To make it 2-0 at the Emirates? Soul-destroyer. Bloody Almunia.

Anyway, it used to be David Beckham with the free kicks and now it is Ronaldo but he seems to be passing the mantle onto Gareth Bale who has smashed in a couple of 30+ rockets this season.

Bale has nicked Ronaldo’s technique; he even does the stupid legs wide open stance at the beginning of the run up.

Ronaldo is till the master of ’em, though, and if you don’t believe me then take a look at 40 of the best from the Portugese winker.