10 professional footballers who will one day be a manager (Videos)

Have you ever looked at a current footballer and thought that they are destined to be a manager one day? Well, we have selected 10 players (one former) who are such influential individuals that they will surely turn their hand to management. Some sooner than others, I might add.

It is all too common that the captains of clubs hang up their shin-pads and get changed into their suit before taking up a role in the dugout. In fact, it is extremely rare that a manager of the club has not played at a reasonable standard of football, but just look at what Sir Alex Ferguson has done at Manchester United.

Some players go into the media side of things, some turn to business, and some even retire straight away and enjoy their free time. However, the majority of players that are thrown on to the scrap heap turn their attentions to coaching.

After all, that’s what they’re good at, isn’t it?

Here is the story of Sir Alex Ferguson, arguably the greatest manager in the history of football.

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