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Roy Keane’s top 5 scuffles (Video)

Roy Keane was a great leader of men and was the cornerstone of Manchester United’s midfield for over a decade. However, the retired former Ireland international will always be remembered for his bad temper which more often than not got him into trouble. Let’s have a look at five of Keane’s infamous scuffles.

5. Alan Shearer (2001)

In Newcastle’s 4-3 win over United in 2001, Shearer prevented Keane from taking a throw in which resulted in Keane throwing the ball at Shearer’s head. Steve Bennett dismissed Keane but he wasn’t finished, he tried to attack the Newcastle striker again only to be restrained by teammates David Beckham and Phil Neville.

4. Andy D’Urso (2000)

It is very rare that United concede a penalty at Old Trafford but they did in 2000 against Middlesbrough. Referee Andy D’Urso was about to be made famous by United’s players led by the ever aggressive Keane. They chased him over to the touchline with D’Urso saying after the game that he feared he would have been pushed over by Keane had he stood his ground.

3. Gareth Southgate (1995)

They may be co-pundits now but in 1995, Gareth Southgate was not in Keane’s good books. Southgate tackled Keane for Crystal Palace in an FA Cup tie and unfortunately for him was left lying under the studs of Keane’s right boot. You know the rest.

2. Mick McCarthy (2002)

The quarrel between Keane and McCarthy is infamous, the feud resulted in Keane leaving Ireland’s training camp ahead of a World Cup. It is believed McCarthy accused Keane of faking injury which led to a number of expletives coming out of Keane’s mouth.

1.Patrick Vieira (various)

Two midfield dynamos who believed they were the best from the two teams that fought for the title year on year. It was bound to end badly. Keane and Vieira took it to a new level, having various bust ups both on and off the pitch. It ended in 2005 when they had a bust up in the tunnel when Keane believed Vieira was ‘picking on Gary Neville.’