Is Luis Suarez worth his baggage?

With the current media flutter around the Liverpool striker, can any team or manager tame him?



Right, first off, I would bloomin’ love him at Arsenal, not only is he evidently a phenomenal striker and his versatility deems him fit to play anywhere across the front line and his talent means he’s GOOD wherever he plays! Then when I get past the footballing aspect you get to how he comes across as a human being, and if I was a manager of a top club, your players aren’t just seen for 90 minutes on the pitch, they are watched when they go to the shops and if they have Twitter, it could be a waiting time bomb, one picture posing with a gun and your player will be riddled with abuse and FA charges. It seems a footballing life is just a boiling pot and the slightest disturbance means it can overflow and then you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of your career and some can find it hard to recover.


Karl Heinz Rummenigge once said about Mark van Bommel, “Every team needs a scumbag, we have that in Mark” and he’s right, every team kind of needs a hate figure that will soak up and the anger directed at the team, look at Joey Barton, he has based near enough his entire career on it and he can perform under immense scrutiny, I can’t stand the man but fair play, he has his role and he will carry it out. But you look at Suarez’s rap sheet and it’s 2 counts of biting a player, alleged racism, somewhat of a diver, but that’s the football pitch, off it he comes across as a rather calculated and shy man and I think his career is stuck at a junction.

Would he rather stay at Liverpool, not fulfilling his potential he clearly has, but proving a point to himself and the fans (who have already started burning shirts of him with numerous swear words scrawled over his printed name) that he can recover from another setback or does he leave for Madrid where he will not be in the spotlight as much due to everyone sharing it at Real, but will he not perform as much when he’s not the centre of attention and fades into the background? Plus, he’ll have a vendetta formed against him from Liverpool fans that would rightly feel aggrieved by the manner he may leave in. I don’t know what I’d do in his case and I’m looking at it from the outside, I can’t imagine being him, wouldn’t really want to either with those teeth.