Goal of the season? (Video)

What makes a great goal, exactly?

I challenge you, dear reader, to tell me precisely what it is that makes us jump out of our seats and roar with satisfaction. A Robin van Persie volley? A perfectly weighted lob? Teamwork? Scoring an own goal from a goalkeeper clearance?

The last one is probably the most accurate answer in all honestly and by that definition I have for you one for you one of the greatest goals scored in recent memory.

It comes from the Italian lower leagues and features a goalkeeper so talented that he is able to direct his kicks into strong wind meaning that they return to him – boomerang style.

Not only this but when the ball comes back to him in the area he confuses even himself with his skill and completely misjudges the bounce of the ball.

The result? One of the stupidest, most ridiculous own goals you could ever wish to see.

View it here in all its brilliance and rejoice in goalkeeping idiocy of the highest level. 

Perhaps the poor chap thought he could replicate Tim Howard’s feat from a few seasons ago, where the wind helped the Everton keeper score a goal from a goal kick. Instead, he kicked it into the wind. Classic mistake.