Goalkeepers that keep scoring goals (video)

Goalkeepers, for the sake of their manager’s heart-rate, should stay inside their own penalty box at all times, occasionally rushing out to close down an on-rushing striker, but only in an emergency. There are exceptions to this rule, but they must possess the finishing ability of an Alan Shearer, or the set-piece brilliance of a David Beckham. Such creatures do exist, and mainly in the footballing utopia that is South America.

Rodrigo Ceni – The 40-year-old Brazilian has spent his entire career at Sao Paulo, earning 16 caps for the national team. Most incredibly of all, in the two seasons between 2005 and 2007, he scored 47 goals in all competitions, as Sao Paulo won two league titles and the 2005 FIFA Club World Cup. Still playing for his club, Ceni holds the record of 111 goals.

Jose Luis Chilavert – Next on the list is Chilavert, with 62 goals. He is the only keeper to score a hat-trick, and is the highest scorer in international football, with nine strikes to his name for Paraguay. In addition to his goal-scoring, Chilavert also possessed a questionable temper, and was famously sent off in 1997 for brawling with Colombia’s Faustino Asprilla.

Rene Higuita – While on the subject of Colombians, Higuita is one of their finest exports, for entertainment value, and for scoring 41 goals, mainly from penalty-kicks. Arguably, the sheer joy you get from watching him show off his skills is equally worthwhile, and this video includes some of his finest moments – including that wonderful ‘scorpion kick’ against England.