Is Wayne Rooney being used as a smokescreen by Arsene Wenger?

With all the media hype after Arsene Wenger hinted he would sign Wayne Rooney If he could, is the England and Manchester United striker just a diversion whilst he looks elsewhere?
On the matter of Arsenal signing Rooney in general, I am somewhat on the fence whether it would be a brilliant bit of business on Arsene’s behalf, or in fact a waste on funds on a player who can go through bad patches, albeit form wise or goal scoring.
It’s no secret that player’s are peaking far earlier than they used to and seeming to suffer from burnout during the latter stages of their 20’s instead of being on the crest of their career wave aund 26-31. Rooney has been accused of showing signs of general fatigue, maybe because his extended playing time as a 17/18-year-old has caught up with him, or maybe his body is yearning for him to fulfil his designed physique… That physique being Andy Reid-esque during his Sunderland days, you can tell both Andy Reid and Wazza will pile on the pounds the moment they don’t have to get up Monday mornings and train.
I’m getting massively off the point here so I’ll bring it back. Arsenal have been strongly linked with Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid as well as Wayne Rooney, probably more strongly linked with the Argentinian forward compared the England striker, but I can’t see Arsene Wenger wanting to sign both. You’re looking at £25 million for Higuian and more than likely £20 million for Rooney from Manchester United and I don’t think Arsenal’s suppose transfer kitty is that plentiful just yet, especially when Arsene probably needs more defensive minded players more than attacking threats considering they scored more as a team compared to the year before with star striker, Robin van Persie being Arsenal’s saviour, now of the red half of Manchester,  I still feel betrayed at times. It got me wondering, has Arsene used his evident knowledge of the game and used the unsettlement in Manchester as a smokescreen so he can do his business elsewhere and tie up the Argentine?
Although, if that was his plan to be secretive, he’s not that good as he’s been spotted meeting the Real Madrid and his father who’s also his agent in Paris. Let’s see who Arsenal sign in the off-season ‘ey? As a Gooner myself I’m expecting Arsenal to miss out on both and chuck a youth player or two and use them as a solution. Please, please prove me wrong, Arsene.