Goal of the week (Video)

No, it is not Neymar’s sweet strike against Mexico, although that was leading until this little gem presented itself to me after one of those football video splurges we have from time to time.

Beautiful though it was Neymar’s volley plays second fiddle to what has to be one of the best solo goals I have seen this year.

Football is a team game which is why solo goals such as this are all the more impressive as one player has taken it upon himself to embarrass the other team all by themselves. 

I’m sure this particular player will never score a better goal than this. The control from the goal kick followed by the juggling skills – inspirational stuff. Then it looks like he has got himself in a pickle by going to the corner but he hasn’t because he displays some lovely tekkers to not one but two defenders and then the finish.

The finish is a thing of beauty, too, and all fine solo goals need a cherry on top; an exclamation point to punctuate this dazzling array of skill and guile.

If you’re a cynic points will be taken off because the standard of football in lower league Irish leagues isn’t very good but why rain on this guy’s parade? My glass is half full and this is a bloody blinding goal.

So, sorry Neymar, but you will have plenty more winners in this goal of the week competition but for now you have been outdone by a truly spectacular effort from the land of James Joyce and Guinness. Enjoy.