Goal of the week: pre-season special (Video)

Rejoice fellow fans! Pre-season is under way which means that seasons will soon be starting. The countdown begins.

And already there have been some rather good goals going in from all sides of the football world but none better than this moment of pure genius from Salzburg’s Martin Hinteregger.

A few years ago Xabi Alonso, whilst playing for Liverpool, scored some 70 yard goals and it become something of a speciality. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to repeat the same feat in Spain but those ones he scored for Liverpool were fantastic nonetheless.

Hinteregger’s effort, however, takes it to the next level. Alonso’s efforts, no 70 yard effort I have seen for that matter, isn’t a patch on this. Firstly, Salzburg right back (yes, right back) Hinteregger displays a quite brilliant touch to take the attacking Schalke player out of contention. Secondly, the lob is inch perfect and makes the keeper look foolish in the extreme.

He probably won’t do anything better than that on a football pitch. Ever. I do suspect that Salzburg’s manager Roger Schmidt will be asking Hinteregger if he can try and replicate that goal every now and then.

So, an easy choice for goal of the week then and I would be surprised if anything from either pre-season or regualr season will be able to match it for skill, balls, tekkers and accuracy.

It’s a shame that it was only a pre-season friendly because the only way that that goal could be any better would be if it was scored in the 90th minute of the Champions League final and it put Salzburg 5-4 ahead against Barcelona.