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Remembering Arsenal’s ‘Iceman’ (video)

 With Arsenal fans seemingly in a negative pit of worry and anger, they need some light-hearted and fun videos to reminisce about past glory. With a title that adds humour to the whole video because it’s so to the point that it’s actually quite funny. ‘Bergkamp porn’ is something to enjoy and anyone can enjoy it because he is one of the greatest strikers the Premier League has ever seen. He formed a partnership with Thierry Henry so devastatingly clinical that it’s hard to imagine a better pair of strikers.

A flying Dutchman that Arsenal will want to remember, not just because of the Robin van Persie debacle but because Dennis was such a special player and unique as well. He made everything seem so easy, like he planned every single little detail in his head before executing his ideas to perfection. Once Heralded as the greatest foreign import and the video really does back up that point. Rarely did anyone have anything bad to say abouth the Dutchman unless it was a defender who had just been left for dead by Bergkamp. Even then it was a mumbled few words something along the lines of ‘how can someone be that good’… Minus some obvious uses of bad language.

Some Arsenal fans won’t find this helpful because their too busy venting their frustration on the transfer activity this summer or more the lack of activity but those of you who feel a little happier after viewing this video then I’ll feel like I have accomplished the goal I set out to achieve.


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