What Liverpool can expect from Diego Costa

With the triggering of his release clause matched by Liverpool, what can the red half of Merseyside expect from this fiery striker that could potentially partner Luis Suarez, another temperamental footballer?

The 24-year-old Brazilian must have thought it was a good thing when Radamel Falcao was snapped up by the sugar daddies of AS Monaco in France, especially if you’re an up and coming striker trying to get a foot hold in a good team, but hey-ho, you have the best centre forward in the world rightfully up the pecking order. Despite being largely second fiddle to the Colombian, Costa still managed to score twenty goals in forty four games in all competitions last season, which is largely impressive, with eight in the Spanish cup and two in their European campaign last year.

I have no doubt that if he does join Liverpool, he will be as great signing, but if the fans think that Luis Suarez has a hot head, then they can expect the same from this chap. With a total of fifteen yellow cards last year and a suspension for a headbutt in a Europa League game against Viktoria Plzen, Liverpool fans can expect a potentially volatile front pairing of Suarez and Costa. That is if he is bought to play alongside him, of course. As an Arsenal fan I have seen Olivier Giroud signed to help Robin van Persie with his goal scoring burden and then him being bought by Manchester United, so don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, Liverpool fans.

He didn’t even play in a football team until aged sixteen, as he had no interest. All he wanted to do was “work, earn money and take girls out for meals.” I like the cut of this man’s jib, if I do say so myself. Liverpool fans can expect a player who will chase down every lost cause in a match and instead of a more nimble and technical attack like you’re used to seeing at Anfield, you will witness a powerful six foot two striker who can bully defences at will.

I hope he does join Liverpool, not only will he be good, but what’s better than another fiery striker in the Premier League? Nothing, that’s what.