When Goalkeepers Get Angry (Video)

The fortunes of a goalkeeper can fluctuate wildly; one minute a hero but a dodgy moment here and there and they are vilified mercilessly.

My favourite all time keeper is Peter Schmeichel, and I am not even a Manchester United fan. The Great Dane had incredible reflexes and a very red nose. He was integral to Sir Alex Ferguson’s early success at the club and is still regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of all time.

But this is not a tribute to Schmeichel, great as he is, it is in fact a look at goalkeepers when they get angry and start throwing their gloves about. Bloody queens.

It does make for good viewing though so treat yourself to a bit of football comedy and watch this countdown of top goalkeeper meltdowns. 

Unfortunately, there is no entry from former Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann who was madness personified in between the goalposts, but you can always search for him if you are feeling a little curious.

Nonetheless it is still a fine collection and it reinforces what everybody knew; nobody would want to get on the wrong side of German keeper Oliver Khan.

Are these outbursts a result of too much passion? Probably but try telling former Celtic keeper Artur Boruc that. He just wants every player to give their all for the full 90 minutes and you can’t really argue with that, can you?

So, a tribute to those men in between the sticks. Through all the criticism you face just know that your moments of anger are appreciated by the those who make random compilation videos on the internet. Enjoy.