Can Samuel Eto’o Still Cut It At The Highest Level?

With Samuel Eto’o’s club Anzhi in financial meltdown and making every first team player available for transfer, should big European teams be eyeing the Cameroonian forward as a purchase? I thought I’d have a look who would need him.

With a transfer market that seems to be dwindling in the number of strikers available, especially when Cavani, Falcao and Co. have all secured transfers this summer, there are still teams in need of a star striker. One team being Arsenal, who seem to have their heart set on securing Luis Suarez from Liverpool. But with David Brent from the Office wannabe Brendan Rodgers playing serious hardball over the transfer, it is starting to look evermore unlikely that Luis will be at Arsenal this year.

But with Sammy on the market and only 32 years of age and still can score goals, near enough forty in 71 appearances isn’t that bad. So why aren’t Arsenal being linked with him as a potential target? Maybe his ridiculous wage that he earns in Russia is causing him to stall moving away and stopping other teams coming in for him. He reportedly earns £36 million a year, and that doesn’t include image rights and other sponsorship money. So what other Russian money funded team would be able to attempt to match Eto’o’s wages and who are in need of a striker…

You guessed it, Cheslea!

Much like Arsenal, Chelsea are transfixed on one target up front – that being Rooney, obviously, and it seems that much like the Gunners, the target is keen to move to their club but the manager and the board is blocking the player from going.  I don’t think Chelsea urgently need a striker as much as their London counterparts, but you know they’re ludicrous enough as it is and will buy Eto’o for the sake of it and leave a player like Romelu Lukaku rotting in the reserves if need be.

I have heard inklings that his former club Inter Milan are also in for him, but I know he was at the heart of racist abuse at Inter and refused to bring his family to games as it felt the abuse towards their husband/father would affect them adversely. So that will more than likely be a stumbling block on the move back to Italy. It could be an interesting saga if he does leave, especially when I have no clue who he would even want to go too!