Hat-trick Of The Season (Video)

We’re off to Mexico now for one of the best hat-tricks you are going to see this year.

In fact, you’re unlikely to see a game in which there is such a plethora of fine goals. Morelia and Toluca certainly put on a show. Anyway, the chap who scores the hat-trick, Morelia’s Jefferson Montero, must have been in disbelief after scoring his sensational goals because his team still lost the game. Bloody typical.

Anyway, it looks like the Mexican league is the place to be, with all this flair and spectacular finishing or was this just a one-off? The league is Liga MX and maybe this is the new hot bed for emerging talent. Could Premier League teams look there for players to augment their squads? If Jefferson Montero is able to replicate this form on a regular basis then it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear his name when it came to transfer rumours.

The first goals is simply sublime. Stood on the touchline, he had absolute no business in scoring from such an angle but he somehow chips the keeper. There is further humiliation for Toluca’s goalkeeper with the second as he gets caught out again and Montero lobs him again. Two chips in one game.

And the final hat-trick is a fine display of footwork and a thumping finish into the top corner. It is probable that Montero will not score a better three goals for the rest of his career so I hope he has a recording of the game in a safe place somewhere so he can watch it whenever he feels down about something. Even though his team lost the game. Bittersweet.